Permanent and good accommodation under humane conditions

No distressing transfers to places without basic infrastructure and hygiene, where we are exposed to the weather. No tent camps! Open up empty buildings! No transfers to exterritorial camps, e.g. in Slovakia! The right to flee and the right to freedom of mobility are human rights! 

Access to information on sojourn, next transfer and asylum procedure

Permanent transfers to changing places and lack of information create insecurity for us; above all, we miss the possibility to understand transfers and the reasons for green cards. (Green cards signify a limitation of freedom of mobility and an insecure and precarious status of the asylum procedure)

Access to legal aid, translations and adequate health care

We do not have adequate access to legal aid, there is hardly any contact to legal counsellors or the contact was lost due to transfers. There are no translators for legal questions or questions of healthcare or questions of everyday life. Medical care is only provided once a week and this is not enough. There is no psychological support at all

Speedy recognition of our asylum procedures – especially with regard to our families who are still in danger in war zones

Many of us are worried about our families. Our children are surrounded by war and threatened by persecution. We need speedy recognition of our asylum in order to save our children and spouses.

Stop the system of exclusion and discrimination

We had to experience several situation of discrimination by the security staff. We want to be treated respectfully by the authorities and their employees. We want to take care of ourselves – and to cook for ourselves so that we have what belongs to us.

The right to go and the right to stay

We would like to stay here to get the opportunity to be a respected and engaged part of society. We must no longer be moved around like “animals”; we need peace instead of the daily danger of deportation.  But we feel that the Austrian government does not welcome refugees and does not understand our situation – persecution, war, lacking basis of existence – and is treating us accordingly. Thus, we want the right to move freely within the EU and we want the Dublin system to be abolished.