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André Eric Létourneau

Quebec, Canada

André-Éric Létourneau is an intermedia artist practicing concrete performance-art, live electronic music and performative projects for radio and mass-media.

Since 1987, he has presented more that 50 performances, sound-performances or installations in more than 10 differents countries. He has studied musical composition and performance art with artists from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Indonesia, Roy Hart Theatre and Zaj. A book about his work was published in 1997 in the Netherlands by AKI. In Enschede as part of the visiting artist program awarded by "Pepinières Européennes". Since 2000, he has regularly toured the United States and Europe as part of the trio "mine mine mine" (André-Éric Létourneau, Magali Babin and Alexandre Saint-Onge).

Most of Éric Létourneau's performances are site-specific and structured according to environmental and psychogeographical factors. His works are related to the rapport between the physical action and the production of sound. These performances can be considered both as performance pieces and/or music/audio-art compositions. Some Létourneau pieces are also related to the concrete performance art and acoustic musical tradition; however, other series' of his work employ technology as a way to use and emphasize the characteristics of the space and environment through the use of electronic translation and amplification. Since 1997, Létourneau has also designed and modified some of his own electronic equipment to work according this concept.

From 1997 to 2001 he worked for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation); organising concerts, sound performances, recordings and radio programs about new music, sound poetry, radio art, performance art, intermedia practices and electronic art for alternative mass-media such as digital radio video broadcasts and experimental Web streaming.

Létourneau has also written for many art magazines in Canada such as Inter, Parallelogramme and Esse and collaborated on publications and catalogues about performance art. He teaches history at Collège André-Grasset and UQAM. He also persues work as an independent curator.

Since 1987, he has worked with many artist collectives and artist run centres. Notably, "Diffusion systeme Minuit du Québec" continues to organise festivals and artist exchange programs. His music has been published on many CD compilations. His first solo music CD, "L'écriture de nuit", (a "Concerto for CD and digital counter"), will be released by Squint Fucker Press in 2003. He is currently working on a multimedia piece entitled "Sonata for the Wolf (or concerto grosso "modo") that will be presented in Montréal at the Galerie Clark, September 2003 (an event organised by the French artist Jean Dupuy) and on a series of intermedia works named "Standard II" (exploring the psychogeographical soundscape of the resonance inside the rooms of buildings owned by institutions around the world).

His hoerspiel "Standard pour radiodiffusion" commissionned by la Chaîne Culturelle de Radio-Canada will be broadcast and release on CD in Autumn 2003. He is also the producer of a new pirate-radio documentary series entitled "Vers des affaires lumineuses" (Toward Enlighted Businesses) an unusual and surprising historical portrait of people working within the international mainstream business world. The series will be broadcast on a regular basis in differents cities around the world as well as on the Web as part of an art intervention in 2004.


Artiste intermédia, écrivain, compositeur, commissaire et réalisateur de projets d'art action destinés aux médiums de la radio et des nouveaux médias. Il se spécialise particulièrement dans les performances sonores et textuelles et l'art corporel. Depuis 1987, il a présenté plus de cinquante actions, performances sonores ou installations dans une dizaine de pays. Il a notamment réalisé plusieurs projets pour la Chaîne Culturelle de Radio-Canada, CKUT-FM. Son travail artistique porte sur les systèmes de contrôles sociaux et les conditionnements culturels des perceptions du temps et de l'espace. Il enseigne l1histoire de l1art et le multimédia au Collège André-Grasset et à l'Université du Québec. Ses essais ont étés publiés au Québec dans les revues d'art Esse et Inter.