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Christoph Schäfer

Christoph Schäfer lives in Hamburg and works on urbanism, gardens, themeparks, fashion and every day life, in art spaces and in collective and individual interventionist projects. His filminstallation "Revolution Non Stop - a game with the remnants of overproduction in the future ruins of fordism" was realised through the Hamburg "Aussendienst" project, and shown for 3 months in the cinema Metropolis in Hamburg's city center, and later in Siena, Torino, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid, Delhi and Mexico City. As a member of the Park Fiction group, he was part of Documenta11. At the moment he is working to establish the "Park Fiction Archive for independent experimental Urbanism", and subcurated a global exchange between local knowledges of groups from Delhi, Milan, La Plata, Tijuana and Hamburg with the congress and exhibition "Unlikely Encounters in Urban Space", in summer 2003. He works on independent projects and collaborations in Delhi and Liverpool, Dresden, Leipzig and Bangalore. He is a member of the Buttclub and the Schwabinggrad Ballett and administrates the flickr groups "Places That Want To Be Other Places" and "Pictures found on stolen SD cards" and shares a studio space in the Breite. Lectures, talks and presentations in Milano, Firenze, London, Liverpool, Vienna, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Stuttgart, Mexico City, Copenhagen, Bangalore, Zagreb.

selected exhibitions and group projects since 1989

2006 Saloon La Realidad, as part of: Wild Capital, Group Show, Kunsthaus Dresden

2006 City of Glass, Christoph Schäfer, Ashok Sukuman, COLAB Gallery, Bangalore

2005 Groundworks, Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

2005 Melrose Place_d in Bangalore, for: World Information City 2006, mit dem Goethe Institut Max Mueller Bhawan, Bangalore

2005 Migrations, Kölner Kunstverein

2005 Shrinking Cities, GFZK, Leipzig

2004 Ambulantes. Cultura Portátil, Centro Andaluz del Arte Contemporaneo, Sevilla

2004 Consum, Zeppelin University mit Kunstverein Friedrichshafen

2004 Shrinking Cities, KW, Berlin

2004 Revolution Non Stop, SARAI, New Delhi

2003 Park Fiction presents: Unlikely Encounters in Urban Space, International Congress and Exhibition, Hamburg,
subcurated by Margit Czenki, Christiane Mennicke and Christoph Schäfer

2003 Liquidacion Total, Installation of Revolution Non Stop, Madrid

2002 Site-seeing, Group-Exhibition on the Disneyfication of Cities, Kunsthaus Vienna

2002 Info-Offspring-Boogie-Woogie, Groupproject in Public Space, Dresden

2002 Documenta11 with Park Fiction, Kassel Summer 2002

2002 Revolution Non Stop, Kunstwerke Berlin

2002 Big Social Game - Biennale Torino 2002

2002 Ökonomien der Zeit, group show, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Migros Museum, Zürich

2002 Palomino Park, invited landscape design contest for artists, Munich, Bahndeckel (with Günther Greis / arbos landscape architects)
2002 Gewalt ist der Rand aller Dinge, group show, Generali Foundation, Vienna

2002 Der 3. Sektor, group show, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig

2001 Televisions, Tele 5 – the true story, (with H.C. Dany), Kunsthalle, Vienna

2001 Der 3. Sektor, group show, Kunstverein Wolfsburg

2001 Arte al Centro, Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italia

2001 Le Republiche dell' Arte: Germania - la costruzione di un immagine
group show at Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena / Italia

2000 Cowdemonstration, Werkleitzbiennale

2000 Revolution Non Stop
Nonstop-Filminstallation at Metropolis-Cinema, as part of Aussendienst exhibition of art-in-public-space in Hamburg

2000 Hey International Competition Style, groupshow, T.E.N.T., Rotterdam, NL

2000 Park Fiction –
die Wünsche werden die Wohnung verlassen und auf die Strasse gehen
Margit Czenki's Film and exhibition, Parkhaus, Berlin

1999 Park Fiction –
die Wünsche werden die Wohnung verlassen und auf die Strasse gehen
Film (Margit Czenki) and exhibition at wienerkunstverein, Vienna

1997 Park Fiction, art-in-public-space project officially supported by Kulturbehörde Hamburg in the frame of weitergehen

1996 Park Fiction 4 – organisation of park-related exhibition in the community, shops, flats, around the not-yet existing park

1995 Parks & Politics – lecture on parks and their ideological backgrounds, with C. Skene, T. Ortmann, A. Corcilius, S. Stövesand, A. Siekmann

1995 No Hesitation No Repetition No Deviation, (with Cathy Skene) Kunstverein München

1994 Objektive Begierden der Epoche - Vorschläge zum Umgang mit Architekturen
(with Cathy Skene), Kunstverein in Hamburg,

1993 Begierdengeneralisierungsgeräte, 0-100%, Gerlingisierung, Mediapark...
(with Cathy Skene) in Stephan Dillemuth’s, Joseph Strau and Kiron Khosla‘s “Friesenwall 120” Köln

1993 Oppositionen & Schwesterfelder, group show, Wiener Secession, Vienna
Museum Fridericianum, Kassel, 1994

1990 Diorama, with Cathy Skene, Münzstrasse 10, Hamburg

1989 Promised Land - Das Versprechen der Stadt, with C. Skene Disco UNIT, St. Pauli