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Experimenting with Networks, Technologies and Political Hurdles on their Origins and Current Challenges

Novi Sad-based organization had its origins in art production, but evolved to become a central player in influencing cultural policy making as a response to the stagnation and incapacity of their corrupt post-transition landscape. Through the building, development, and fostering of an ecosystem of translocal partnerships that traverse art production, theory, technopolitics, research, publishing, music production, performance, and experimentation across the board, self-education and care has lied at the core of their practices. In this discussion, we reflect on the complex landscape within which they are situated, the possibilities they created when confronted with impossibilities, the conditions of hopelessness and hope in their environment, recent collaborations and publications, as well as some reflections on decolonial and feminist perspectives.

This audio episode is part of Peripheral Visions.

Experimenting with Networks, Technologies and Political Hurdles / Novi Sad, as a non-profit organization, aims to develop and promote progressive, critical art production. For more than two decades, the Center has been trying to critically intervene in the sphere of research and artistic and social experimental action in the field of art and culture, creating space for open dialogue, experimental education, collaboration and research, as well as free access to different sources of knowledge. In collaboration with artists, theorists, scientists and activists, produced several hundred public events: lectures and presentations, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, and international projects., through its activities, stimulates all participants to encourage the highest quality, to get involved, to create, to change the world for the better. Over the years, has established a wide network of collaborating cultural institutions and individuals, locally, in the region, and internationally. (