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Posts tagged with #technecologies

From the book Facebook entkommen transversal texts publishes here the English translation of the introduction.

Raimund Minichbauer 02 04 19

The Beautiful Warriors

Technofeminist Praxis in the Twenty-First Century

From the German book Die schönen Kriegerinnen. Technofeministische Praxis im 21. Jahrhundert, transversal texts publishes the English translation of Cornelia Sollfrank’s preface.

Cornelia Sollfrank 21 12 18

Actualize your Imagination as Narrative and as Infrastructure

An interview with Stefania Milan on media, tech and data activism

Focusing on contemporary perspectives of media, tech and data activism, the interview with Stefania Milan discusses their roles within social movement ecologies, the political positions between prefigurative radical activism and reformist participation in ‘multi-stakeholder decision-making’ processes, and the broader question concerning the relationship between social media and protest against the backdrop of the rising critique of commercial platforms.

Stefania Milan / Raimund Minichbauer 14 09 18

Quantification Madness


An interview with Vladan Joler on the <i>Facebook Algorithmic Factory</i> report

The interview departs from SHARE Lab’s “investigations on Facebook and the various algorithms that shape our reality through the moderation of information feeds, on the processes of how we are transformed from users to products, and how they basically transform our online behavior into power and profit.” It discusses various aspects of the resulting reports and their meaning during a time when the critique of major Internet platforms has hit the mainstream.

Vladan Joler / Raimund Minichbauer 06 03 18

One aim of our transnational project Midstream is to do research and attempt to conceptually develop alternative social networks. The generation of activist platforms like n-1 and Facebook-alternatives like diaspora* has been stagnating for several years now, with some projects operating without a chance of reaching a critical mass along with others that have ceased to operate altogether. A new generation of social networking sites has become visible recently. Most of these networks are based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. But what kind of alternative are they developing?

Raimund Minichbauer 20 06 17