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Posts tagged with #activism

if we can't have çay together, it’s not my revolution

Es ist nicht meine Revolution, wenn wir keinen Çay zusammen trinken können

Sketches towards a transnational politics of anti-racist friendship, and the struggle for the common among unequals.

The process of building the common takes place as an ongoing engagement with the question of how to wrest the possibility of this common from its impossibility.

Newroz Duman / Niki Kubaczek 23 06 20

This texts relates to the exhibition Rogelio López Cuenca: Yendo leyendo, dando lugar, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Edificio Sabatini, Planta 3), 3 April - 26 August 2019,

Kike España and Gerald Raunig 24 04 19

The coexistence of art and philosophy, the concatenation of social and conceptual machines, the combination of art and thought that operated and still operates in and around Bert Theis is not limited to a practice of speaking, discussing, and philosophizing as communication, or to the artist’s more or less obvious knowledge of philosophy, ancient or current. Rather, it is a mode of subjectivation that also has to do with invention and disobedience. (See also the exhibition Arcipelago Bert Theis:

Gerald Raunig 17 04 19

Isabell Lorey’s introduction to the book 8M - Der große feministische Streik. Konstellationen des 8. März connects the Latin American feminist strikes with the actual feminist movements in Europe.

Isabell Lorey 06 03 19

Optimism of the Will

2018 FIELD Reports on the Global Resistance to Neoreactionary Nationalism

FIELD, the "Journal of Socially-Engaged Art Criticism", announces the launch of a special double issue (winter and spring 2019) focusing on new forms of cultural and artistic activism that have emerged in response to the global rise of right wing populist and authoritarian forms of government.

Greg Sholette 03 03 19

Veronica Gago, argentinische Sozialwissenschafterin, Autorin von La razón neoliberal und Aktivistin des NiUnaMenos-Kollektivs diskutiert zentrale Aspekte der Konsolidierung der aktuellen feministischen Netzwerke auf globaler Ebene.

Veronica Gago, Juliana Hernández, Julià Martí 23 02 19

In the last few decades, violence against women* has been escalating into a "war on women," as Rita Laura Segato calls it: all kinds of structural and sexual violence, including feminicide, brutal discursive tendencies of misogyny and transphobia, the devaluation of care and reproduction, and "anti-genderism". Since 2017, a movement has spread outwards from Latin America that builds on the 8th of March, the day of women's struggle, as the turning and boiling point of an intersectional and transversal struggle.

Gerald Raunig 19 02 19

One after another the names resound, names without bodies that tell of a multitude of lives and histories shattered on the borders of Europe: Asmat – Names is the title Dagmawi Yimer gave to his short film, one of the most powerful and evocative portrayals of the shipwreck of October 3, 2013. Anonymity is, after all, one of the defining characteristics of the women, men and children in transit on the Mediterranean, as is also the case in many other border zones. Recovering the irreducible singularity of an existence is the extreme gesture of resistance to which Asmat – Names challenges us.

Sandro Mezzadra 08 10 18

The last few days, we have been witnessing with emotion and rage the developments in relation to the violent, unexpected, and unjust death of queer activist and drag performer Zak Kostopoulos in the centre of Athens.

Collective text 29 09 18

Actualize your Imagination as Narrative and as Infrastructure

An interview with Stefania Milan on media, tech and data activism

Focusing on contemporary perspectives of media, tech and data activism, the interview with Stefania Milan discusses their roles within social movement ecologies, the political positions between prefigurative radical activism and reformist participation in ‘multi-stakeholder decision-making’ processes, and the broader question concerning the relationship between social media and protest against the backdrop of the rising critique of commercial platforms.

Stefania Milan / Raimund Minichbauer 14 09 18

Casa Invisible is here to stay!

Die Casa Invisible bleibt!

¡La Casa Invisible se queda!

Against the eviction of the Invisible, against Mall-aga, against the compliant city

For over eleven years Casa Invisible has been a guarantor of alternative cultures and ecologies of care in Málaga, and it has also been a social machine for everything that is incompliant in the middle of the compliant city. Last week Málaga’s city administration ordered its eviction within 15 days. But: La Invi se queda …

Gerald Raunig 23 07 18

For a European Residency Permit

International Solidarity Day in Ventimiglia

Progetto 20k invites all the realities, the associations, the indipendent unions, the groups and every single person that deals with themes regarding immigration policies or that believes in solidarity, to participate in the organization of the 14th of July mobilisation in Ventimiglia.

Progetto 20k 01 07 18

The GHS is supposed to be evicted on the 11th of january, 8 o’clock in the morning. The only offer made to the inhabitants was somewhat questionable and stands in the tradition of the so-called‚'Oplatz agreement'. This is another attempt by the Berlin senate and the district government to divide and conquer the refugee movement.
7:45 rally: Ohlauer Straße /Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule
8:30 demo

09 01 18

On May 6, 2017, neighbors filled the building at Calle Gobernador 39 in Madrid in an act of disobedience, following a multitudinous demonstration composed of a great variety of collectives that denounced the process of gentrification endured by the city of Madrid in recent years with the slogan “Madrid is not for sale.” This was the birth of the social center La Ingobernable, The Ungovernable, a territory conquered in the “gold district” of (the) capital in order to reverse the process of expropriation.

Kike España Naveira 12 06 17

Commemorating the first anniversary of the day on which north east Japan was struck by a threefold disaster, “The Wall Street Journal” released an online article on the 10 March 2012 entitled “March 11, One Year On: Occupy METI”. At the beginning, the journalist Obe Mitsuru describes a scene, in which a “shaky tent”, decorated with colorful placards and banners demanding Japan’s withdrawal from the nuclear energy program, stands on the corner in front of the comparatively mighty Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Kasumigaseki, the administrative district in Tôkyô.

Steffi Richter 10 10 16

On the early morning of July 21, police evicted “Point Break” in the neighborhood of Pigneto: a student house occupied and self-managed by members of the Roman student movement “l’Onda” that took to the streets of Italy in 2008 against the neoliberal reform and privatization of education.

DinamoPress 01 08 16

Dear friends, dreamers, rebels, composers of worlds, cosmopolitan diplomats from below, poets of life, autonomous astronauts, shamans of all sorts, breachers of stupid laws and animators of consensus, dear comrades from antiracist, antifascist, migrant, refugee, feminist groups, collectives, networks … all those that swarm and drill so that freedom of movement for everyone will prevail …

15 06 16

Etwa hundert Intellektuelle prangern die Strategie der französischen Regierung an, „organisierte Gruppen“ zu isolieren und ihre Gewalttaten aufzubauschen, um so den Demonstrationen gegen das Arbeitsgesetz in Rennes und Paris ihre Glaubwürdigkeit zu nehmen.

Colléctif 27 05 16

Since yesterday, when Hungary attempted to close its borders, by bringing army and heavy police force at the newly built fence, and the new law criminalising migrants has stepped into force, up to 5000 migrants have been stuck at the border. This is a call out to all activists, for an emergency intervention at the border – we need people to show solidarity with those stuck at the Horgoš 2 border crossing.

No Border Serbia Collectif 15 09 15

From Embros to Green Park

On continuous failures. On continuous struggles.

On the 19th of June, 2015 a group of artists, theoreticians, and cultural workers occupied Green Park cafe in the Pedion tou Areos, one the two central parks of Athens. Almost 4 years after the occupation of Embros theatre in November 2011 this new occupation emerged from and sought to build on the failings of collective struggles during recent years; both failings in the face of mechanisms of repression and failings from within the emergent collective formations of resistance.

Gigi Argyropoulou 07 09 15

The International Conference on Penal Abolition (ICOPA) is a bi-annual gathering of activists, academics, journalists, practitioners, people currently or formerly imprisoned, survivors of state and personal harm, and others from across the world who are working towards the abolition of imprisonment, the penal system, carceral controls and the prison industrial complex.

International Conference on Penal Abolition 19 08 15