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Posts tagged with #social centers

MACAO, an autonomous center for art, culture and research is now in danger.
In recent days the alt-right Salvini government decided to foster the repression against migrants and squatters with a new extremely fascist decree.
Meanwhile the local government of Milano is going to vote in the municipal council to privatize the building in which Macao is based, conferring the property to BNL, a real estate fund. The bank will auction the building, resulting in the eviction of Macao.

14 10 18

Casa Invisible is here to stay!

Die Casa Invisible bleibt!

¡La Casa Invisible se queda!

Against the eviction of the Invisible, against Mall-aga, against the compliant city

For over eleven years Casa Invisible has been a guarantor of alternative cultures and ecologies of care in Málaga, and it has also been a social machine for everything that is incompliant in the middle of the compliant city. Last week Málaga’s city administration ordered its eviction within 15 days. But: La Invi se queda …

Gerald Raunig 23 07 18

On May 6, 2017, neighbors filled the building at Calle Gobernador 39 in Madrid in an act of disobedience, following a multitudinous demonstration composed of a great variety of collectives that denounced the process of gentrification endured by the city of Madrid in recent years with the slogan “Madrid is not for sale.” This was the birth of the social center La Ingobernable, The Ungovernable, a territory conquered in the “gold district” of (the) capital in order to reverse the process of expropriation.

Kike España Naveira 12 06 17

Therefore, we wrote. ’Dear Municipality of Milan, dear Mr Mayor, dear urban planning officer, and dear Sogemi spa, represented by its illustrious President.’ We have used an explicit, bureaucratic, and non construable language to say: ’You do have to sell Macao? Let’s find a way to let the city buy it.’ It would be essential to develope a dialogue with You, illustrious institutions, in order to develope this pathway. A pathway that could become a model, to opening new doors, to transforming Milan into a bold city and a hub for innovation - a key word.

Macao, Milan 16 04 17

On March 10, 2007, citizens, social and cultural collectives and invisible creatives occupied the building Nosquera 9 and 11 in Málaga to begin an adventure that is celebrating its tenth birthday this month. In a context of touristification and rampant speculation in the city center of Málaga, during the early years of an urban planning model that claimed (and claims) to be cultural, which grants spaces and resources solely to large-scale museum and red-carpet festival operations, La Casa Invisible was born.

eipcp 10 03 17

Welcome to “Hotel Plaza” in Athens!

Abandoned hotel squatted for 400 refugees

In the morning of April 22nd, activists and refugees joined action to squat an abandoned hotel in the northern center of Athens. The “Hotel Plaza” is supposed to host up to 400 refugees, and hopefully in the upcoming week, they will be able to receive further room requests. Since the occupants have entered the building, the weekend has been a busy one: The rooms have been aired and cleaned, the kitchen cleaned and prepared for cooking, weeds and trash removed from the front entrance, the first meals cooked, assemblies held and plans made.

Moving Europe 26 04 16

Our ruins are not for you!

Unsere Ruine kriegt ihr nicht!

Solidarity with the Golden Pudel Club and Park Fiction in Hamburg

Late Saturday night, the Golden Pudel Club stood in flames. The roof structure is destroyed. The improvisational shelter of a homeless refugee burned as well, including his papers. The Park Fiction Archive housed on the building’s top floor is drenched in extinguishing water.
Demonstration: Friday, February 19, 8:30 pm, from: FC St. Pauli, South side areaway, to: Golden Pudel Club / Gezi Park Fiction

Park Fiction 19 02 16

We find out with dismay that a provision of the management of the Municipality of Rome calls for the eviction of the self-managed atelier Esc. We also discover that dozens of other social centres and cultural associations are facing this measure.
All this is a very serious mistake, that hits to the heart of the virtues that still survive in the city of Rome, that has always stood out for an unequalled proliferation of self management, mutualism, and independent cultural production.

Esc Atelier 20 01 16