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Posts tagged with #migration

At a time when 12,500 refugees and asylum seekers are wandering homeless on the roads and hills of Lesbos, when those intoxicated and injured in the fire in Moria are prevented by the police from reaching the hospital in Mytilene, when solidarity groups bringing basic necessities are blocked by the forces of order or attacked by far-right groups, when the Greek government‘s only response to this emergency is national-security
We, as European citizens, can no longer remain silent.

12 09 20

if we can't have çay together, it’s not my revolution

Es ist nicht meine Revolution, wenn wir keinen Çay zusammen trinken können

Sketches towards a transnational politics of anti-racist friendship, and the struggle for the common among unequals.

The process of building the common takes place as an ongoing engagement with the question of how to wrest the possibility of this common from its impossibility.

Newroz Duman / Niki Kubaczek 23 06 20

From the book They'll Never Walk Alone. The Life and Afterlife of Gastarbeiters transversal texts publishes here the introduction.

Boris Buden, Lina Dokuzović 16 01 19

After thousands demonstrated against the ÖVP-FPÖ government, we are back on the street: Every Thursday since October 4 we have met in a different place in Vienna to protest this neoliberal right-wing extremist government, but above all we assemble to exchange and to show: yes, there are alternatives, and yes, there are ways of doing things better for everyone.
Rubia Salgado was one of many who spoke at Ballhausplatz on the October 4 in front of thousands of people. Here is her speech.

Rubia Salgado 09 10 18

One after another the names resound, names without bodies that tell of a multitude of lives and histories shattered on the borders of Europe: Asmat – Names is the title Dagmawi Yimer gave to his short film, one of the most powerful and evocative portrayals of the shipwreck of October 3, 2013. Anonymity is, after all, one of the defining characteristics of the women, men and children in transit on the Mediterranean, as is also the case in many other border zones. Recovering the irreducible singularity of an existence is the extreme gesture of resistance to which Asmat – Names challenges us.

Sandro Mezzadra 08 10 18

A dramatic political shift is taking place: racism and discrimination are becoming socially acceptable. What yesterday was considered unthinkable and unutterable has today become a reality. Humanity and human rights, religious freedom, and the rule of law are being openly attacked. This is an attack on all of us.

02 10 18

For a European Residency Permit

International Solidarity Day in Ventimiglia

Progetto 20k invites all the realities, the associations, the indipendent unions, the groups and every single person that deals with themes regarding immigration policies or that believes in solidarity, to participate in the organization of the 14th of July mobilisation in Ventimiglia.

Progetto 20k 01 07 18

Daily Resistance is looking for distributors. Daily Resistance is a periodical newspaper on actual paper written by activists with and without migration experience aimed to reach people in refugee camps (

Daily-Resistance-Team 01 07 18

The GHS is supposed to be evicted on the 11th of january, 8 o’clock in the morning. The only offer made to the inhabitants was somewhat questionable and stands in the tradition of the so-called‚'Oplatz agreement'. This is another attempt by the Berlin senate and the district government to divide and conquer the refugee movement.
7:45 rally: Ohlauer Straße /Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule
8:30 demo

09 01 18

It has been two years that Germany's and Austria's governments opened their borders following the pressure of migration movements. Since then, a lot has changed, and not much for the better. Did the demarcations and enclosures of the nation state win once and for all? How does the present situation differ from the one of 2015? And what has migration got to do with social networks, affect and forms of commons?

Niki Kubaczek 04 09 17

Ein Gespräch, ausgehend von „Foucaults Kyniker_innen. Auf dem Weg zu einer kreativen und affirmativen Kritik“, Ruth Sondereggers Beitrag im Band „Foucaults Gegenwart" (

Gespräch mit Ruth Sonderegger geführt von Tyna Fritschy 04 05 17

Neuf ans sur le territoire français. Neuf ans pour rien. C’est ce qu’il répète souvent. Neuf ans dans l’air, comme les avions. ---- Neun Jahre auf französischem Territorium. Neun Jahre für nichts. Das wiederholt er oft. Neun Jahre verpuffen in der Luft, wie die Flugzeuge. ----

Faïza Guène 04 11 16

Dear friends, dreamers, rebels, composers of worlds, cosmopolitan diplomats from below, poets of life, autonomous astronauts, shamans of all sorts, breachers of stupid laws and animators of consensus, dear comrades from antiracist, antifascist, migrant, refugee, feminist groups, collectives, networks … all those that swarm and drill so that freedom of movement for everyone will prevail …

15 06 16

Sollten die Kouachi-Brüder und Amedy Coulibaly posthum doch noch die Schlacht der Ideen gewonnen haben? Die öffentliche Debatte richtet sich seit dem 7. Jänner 2015 an falschen Alternativen aus.

Colléctif 26 05 16

Welcome to “Hotel Plaza” in Athens!

Abandoned hotel squatted for 400 refugees

In the morning of April 22nd, activists and refugees joined action to squat an abandoned hotel in the northern center of Athens. The “Hotel Plaza” is supposed to host up to 400 refugees, and hopefully in the upcoming week, they will be able to receive further room requests. Since the occupants have entered the building, the weekend has been a busy one: The rooms have been aired and cleaned, the kitchen cleaned and prepared for cooking, weeds and trash removed from the front entrance, the first meals cooked, assemblies held and plans made.

Moving Europe 26 04 16

The inconceivable struggle of refugees and migrants we have been witnessing has resulted in the opening of the corridor of hope across the fortified borders of the European Union. Consequently, European forces started turning the Balkan Route into a detention route, leaving behind their democratic masks. The ruling classes of “Europe without borders” started erecting razor blade fences all over the Balkan Route.

Social Centre Rog Ljubljana 09 02 16

It was this moment of “debordering” that pushed the “crisis” onto a completely new level. What became clear at this moment was that there was indeed a crisis. But this was the crisis of European migration policies.

Manuela Bojadžijev & Sandro Mezzadra 12 12 15

Europe is in movement, Europe needs to move - Moving Europe!

01 11 15

In ganz Europa macht sich die Prognose breit, welche die Kanzlerin Angela Merkel für ihr Land formuliert hatte: „Diese Ereignisse werden unser Land verändern“. Ich meinerseits würde sagen, sie werden Europa verändern. Aber in welchem Sinn?

Étienne Balibar 21 09 15

Schon wieder ein Schiffbruch, Sonntag, also. Montag schließt Deutschland seine Grenzen, die anderen europäischen Länder sollen reagieren, es ist von überlaufen, von überfordert die Rede. 15 Kinder sind am Sonntag ertrunken. Die deutschen Städte sind überfordert. Ungarn und sein Zaun.

Marie Cosnay 16 09 15

Since yesterday, when Hungary attempted to close its borders, by bringing army and heavy police force at the newly built fence, and the new law criminalising migrants has stepped into force, up to 5000 migrants have been stuck at the border. This is a call out to all activists, for an emergency intervention at the border – we need people to show solidarity with those stuck at the Horgoš 2 border crossing.

No Border Serbia Collectif 15 09 15

Auf Initiative Barcelonas mobilisieren sich „empörte“ Städte, um mehr Geflüchtete aufzunehmen, und lancieren Solidaritätskampagnen. Ihre Ziel: Den Druck auf die rechte Regierung von Mariano Rajoy aufzubauen, die sich im Vorfeld der allgemeinen Wahlen in das Thema verbeißt.

Ludovic Lamant 10 09 15

For the last four weeks, asylum seekers have regularly met with human rights activists from Freedom not Frontex Vienna in order to call attention to their situation and their observations; these observations are documented by photos and videos. The asylum seekers have expressed the wish to make their difficult situation in the camp visible to the public so that improvements and more human living conditions will be implemented soon.

Freedom not Frontex Vienna 18 08 15

Ferries not Frontex!

Fähren statt Frontex!

10 points to really end the deaths of migrants at sea

On April 20, the Joint Foreign and Home Affairs Council of the EU released a ten-​point action plan outlining their response to the recent deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Many other proposals have also been made over the last few days. We are activists who have been involved in the struggles against the European border regime for several years and who have been in touch on a daily basis with hundreds of people who have crossed the Mediterranean through Watch The Med and the Alarm Phone project. Faced with the hypocrisy of the “solutions” that have been proposed so far, we feel compelled to undermine their falsity and attempt to open up an alternative space for reflection and action.

The Alarm Phone 27 04 15