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Around the Crown

The state measures, the disciplinary and control society effects and the socio-psychological impacts of the corona virus are widely discussed. At the same time, familiar mechanisms of disinformation and fake news are developing in the social media. But what is happening beneath these broad mainstreams, in micro-politics, in collectives, in the social surrounds around the virus? In a series of blog posts, original texts and translations, transversal texts tries to give space to these voices and to promote the debates on social responses to isolation and anti-sociality.


Die staatlichen Maßnahmen, die disziplinar- und kontrollgesellschaftlichen Effekte und die sozio-psychologischen Auswirkungen des Corona-Virus werden breit diskutiert. Zugleich entwickeln sich schon gewohnt gewordene Mechanismen der Desinformation und Fake News in den Social Media. Was aber geschieht unterhalb dieser breiten Mainstreams, in den Mikropolitiken, den Kollektiven, den sozialen Umgebungen um das Virus herum? In einer Reihe von Blog-Beiträgen, Originaltexten und Übersetzungen versucht transversal texts diesen Stimmen Raum zu geben und die Debatten über die sozialen Antworten auf Isolierung und Anti-Sozialität zu befördern.


Las medidas estatales, los efectos disciplinarios y de control de la sociedad y los impactos socio-psicológicos del coronavirus son ampliamente discutidos. Al mismo tiempo, se están desarrollando mecanismos familiares de desinformación y bulos en las redes sociales. Pero, ¿qué está sucediendo por debajo de estas amplias corrientes dominantes, en la micropolítica, en los colectivos, en los rodeos sociales alrededor del virus? En una serie de publicaciones de blog, textos originales y traducciones, transversal texts intenta dar espacio a estas voces y promover debates sobre las respuestas sociales al aislamiento y la antisocialidad.

Below are two texts. Most of the first, “Against Quarantine,” was written in late January and originally published in New Inquiry in mid-February. The second, much shorter text was written in mid-March as a postscript to Contract and Contagion: From Biopolitics to Oikonomia (2012).

The first text addresses the growing recourse by governments to quarantine measures. It argues that quarantines are ineffective in slowing the spread of the virus, but nevertheless effective in promoting a racialised understanding of health and disease and, moreover, one that converges with both privatised healthcare and authoritarian governance.

Angela Mitropoulos 28 03 20

With this pandemic, the 21st century begins. A century in which defending the right to live will be a priority.

Montserrat Galcerán Huguet 24 03 20

In May of 1743, a vessel from Corfu carrying bodies of dead crew members who had died of a mysterious disease arrived in Messina.  The ship and cargo were burned, but cases of a strange new disease were soon thereafter observed in the hospital and in the poorest parts of the town; and in the summer, a frightening plague epidemic developed, killing forty to fifty thousand people, and then disappeared before spreading to other parts of Sicily.

Catherine Malabou 23 03 20

It happened as it was to be expected: Four years of standing on the sidelines have resulted in a catastrophe. 40,000 human beings, penned up in hopelessly overcrowded EU-hotspot centres like Moria on Lesvos Island, living under squalid living and hygienic conditions, will soon face the deadly disease. 18 03 20

A prolonged wait at the pharmacy, a long queue before entering a supermarket. Experiences like this, today increasingly common, can help us to see how the spreading of Coronavirus is transforming our society. Yet, more precisely, the global pandemic, and the measures put in place by the Italian government to attempt to counteract it, are in fact merely exacerbating tendencies that have already existed for a while.

Sandro Mezzadra 14 03 20

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Or the return of the infamous pillory in the time of digital quarantine

First premise. We are not conspiracy theorists. Second premise, just to avoid misunderstanding. We are aware of the current medical emergency and convinced that we need to change our habits. With this in mind, we have decided to cancel events and concerts, to do our part to prevent the situation from worsening in the face of an already ailing health system. We are also organizing a relief action for the most affected people in the city, especially the elderly. All this is okay, we know it and we are doing it. And yet…

Laboratorio Occupato Morion 12 03 20