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Toni Negri, Constituent Power

Conversation with Gerald Raunig, Part 1

In this interview recorded in September 2022 in Paris, Toni Negri talks about his political philosophy, its most important concepts and their contemporary relevance. In the first of the four-part conversation the Italian philosopher develops the concept of "constituent power" from the historical struggles for constitutions in modernity to his own experiences in the 1960s and 1970s. Negri wrote his influential book Potere Costituente in 1992, previous to the anti-globalization movement and the publication of the political bestsellers Empire and Multitude, but there is also a strong afterlife of the concept of constituent power: Since the 2000s, the Bolivarian process in Venezuela, the constituent processes and new constitutions in Ecuador and Bolivia led to actualizations of Negri's concept, up to today's struggles around a new constitution in Chile. In all of these contexts, constituent power becomes more than a component of a constitutional process, it is "a revolutionary power that wins in struggle".


Constituent Power (Video / Italian with English Subtitles)



Kurucu İktidar (Video / Italian with Turkish Subtitles)

(Subtitles by Otonom Yayıncılık)


Constituent Power (Audio / Italian)