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Toni Negri, Mesopolitics and Ecologies

Conversation with Gerald Raunig, Part 2

In this interview recorded in September 2022 in Paris, Toni Negri talks about his political philosophy, its most important concepts and their contemporary relevance. In the second of the four-part conversation the Italian philosopher develops the concept of mesopolitics as the ability of being in the milieu. From the times, when he wrote "Les nouveaux espaces de liberté" together with Félix Guattari in the mid 1980s, the two friends and activist intellectuals tried to assemble the multiple social movements, including the emerging movement of the Greens. Alongside what Guattari then coined as the three ecologies, mental, social and environmental ecology, today Negri insists on countering ideologies of degrowth and techno-pessimism with the construction of a mesopolitics that is also an environmental technopolitics.

Mesopolitics and Ecologies (Video / Italian with English Subtitles)



Mesopolitika ve Ekolojiler (Video / Italian with Turkish Subtitles)

(Subtitles by Otonom Yayıncılık)


Mesopolitics and Ecologies (audio / Italian)